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An artistic photo for the artistic West African

Missouri "showing me" a lot of positives

Hi there, my name is Jack, and the first few weeks of my stay in Missouri have been unforgettable. I got to improve my socializing skills, try new food, and adapt to a new environment.

Getting through school for some people was pretty rough but not in my case. As an exchange student, I am kind of popular in school, and almost everyone one knows my name. My host parents have been wonderful in all sorts of ways, and they have really helped me a lot. That’s something I’ll never forget. Though I don’t miss home yet, I do sometimes miss the food, friends, and family. But I will maintain a positive attitude, because missing things won’t take me anywhere; instead, it’ll hold me back.

My first week in school was a bit hard, because I am not used to the educational system in the U.S. Most kids in my school dress like what I thought a cowboy or cowgirl would wear. I have learned a lot from my new school like how to sheer a sheep, hoe using the grid method, how to mix paint, and lots more.

I have joined the academic team and arts club, both of which suit my personality. I have also joined the school band. I turned 16 at the end of September, and my host family gave me gifts and prepared my favorite food (spaghetti). 

It’s been fun so far. And I’m making immense progress. I love it here!!!!!!

—Jack (YES, Nigeria), hosted by the Corle family (MO)