New Experiences for North Dakota Cluster

PAX coordinator fills us in on a busy spring

PAX Community Coordinators are the glue that holds it all together! Kimberly Hegel from North Dakota was there for her students as they made their way through a spring filled with new experiences.

She sent us a brief rundown of some of the activities these busy PAXers have been participating in as their exchange year winds down.

“Adbeel from Mexico, Karin from Japan, and Nuttakan from Thailand all experienced and enjoyed their proms in North Dakota! Adbeel was very busy and attended three proms by attending with friends that went to two other schools.

Karin has learned to appreciate cats. Nuttakan participated in band at her school as a percussionist. Adbeel took some time to game and shoot baskets with my 12-year-old son.”


Prom Host Parent Photo 800x600

Adbeel with host parents Shauna and Paul before one of his three proms


Nuttakan band concert 800x600

Nuttakan: in blue, in back, banging that drum


Karin Cats 800x800

Karin's new friend