My First Hockey Game
Indonesian exchange student and host father pose with minor league hockey mascot in New York

Compulsory mascot photo inside

My host family took me to a hockey game for the first time. It was really cold outside, so I had to wear my winter jacket and my gloves. I briefly considered wearing a beanie but then decided that I could survive without it, hehe. It was a full moon that night and I enjoyed the ride.

When we arrived, we went in and there were a lot of people. I got to see the ice rink for the first time and it was really cool. There were these two cars/machines of some kind that were going back and forth on the ice rink. My host dad said that they were trying to level up the ice rink so no one trips. The ice was kind of shiny when they were done.

There were these two cars/machines of some kind that were going back and forth on the ice rink.

There were still a few minutes before the game started, so my host mom and I went to get some snacks. I got fries and she got nachos. They were delicious. 

The hockey game finally started. The players were zooming around the ice rink at high speed, bumping into the walls and other players. Some even tripped, but fortunately, it wasn't serious. They also occasionally made loud noises that startled me. But it was fun. 

Whenever our home team scored a goal, everyone cheered and clapped. But whenever the opposing team scored, the audience booed. I felt kind of bad for the opposing team, because nobody was supporting them. So, I silently cheered for them inside my heart. 

I also got the chance to take a picture with our home team's mascot, Moose. They just suddenly appeared behind my seat and I wouldn't have realized it if it wasn't for my host mom. 

I had fun watching the game. Through it all, my host mom and dad told me fun facts about hockey which made the experience 10 times better. I feel very grateful for them.

—Vidya (YES, Indonesia), hosted by the Launhardt family (NY)