A Virtual Focus on Education

Indonesian class peeks inside U.S. school


I had an idea to make virtual exchange videos about my American and Indonesian school lives. The idea came to me, because I saw that Indonesian people were very curious about how the U.S. became a developed country.

So, I chose one cause and that is the education system. I see this as an important reason. For example, at my American school we are able to take classes that we have an interest in, so students focus on classes that will affect their future careers. I also explained how the teachers and school facilities affect the students.

I also made a video about school life in my country, because my American friends were really surprised when I told them that I took 15 subjects at school. Basically, the Indonesian education system is totally different. I see many differences including teaching style and how many classes the students take. In my opinion, it is a good option to have many classes, so that it is easier to choose subjects at the next level, like university.

Even though the systems are different, the governments who created the systems planned them to help the country develop.

—Salsabila (YES, Indonesia), hosted by the Blackburn family (IN)