“Mummy’s” the Word!
Egyptian exchange student helping a little girl make a mummy at the PAX booth during an International Day Festival
Jessy guides a young girl in the mummy-making process

Jessy from Egypt shares culture at local festival

There was an International Day Festival in Lilburn, GA, which I went to with other exchange students from all over the world. It was amazing to have the opportunity to get to know more about other countries and cultures!

For the PAX booth, each country had its own table with exchange students. We taught children how to make a craft that represented a part of our country and culture. As I am an Egyptian exchange student, I taught the children how to make mummies and told them fun facts about Egypt. The children were so amazed and excited by the mummies. I was amazed by them, too, and by the happiness that I could see in their eyes, while making their own mummy.

I was surprised at the diversity of foreign people living in my city and how they are participating in their community and trying to show everyone their own culture. I also met a lot of Arab people, and even people from my own country.

—Jessy (YES, Egypt), hosted by the Mussatt family (GA)