More Fun with Milena
Teen girls from Germany and Indiana pose on bale of hay in autumn

Fall break = blast for these exchange sisters

Milena is our third PAX exchange student. This time around, our daughter Hannah helped choose with whom she would spend her junior year. She chose wisely—the two have truly become fast friends and sisters.

They enjoy sharing clothes and clubs alike. In fact, they're in four school clubs together: photography, recycling, art, and French club. Not only has "our Milena" helped our daughter be more social at school, she’s brought a whole lot of fun into our home as well!

Some of our favorite fall moments so far have been a trip to our local apple orchard and a packed “staycation” for fall break. We found there was plenty to explore right in our own city of Indianapolis. We had a walk around the canal, visited a German bakery, stopped by the art museum, and experienced the enchanting Van Gogh exhibit. For the final weekend, we even did a one-day trip to Chicago.

At home, Milena has tried some recipes from “Good Old Germany” out on us. And when it’s not a school night, it’s very possibly a night for a movie marathon!

The girls have continued to grow closer as sisters: stealing blankets and swiping each other’s food in addition to plenty of good-natured teasing. It really is more fun with Milena!

—XaViera Ellinger (IN), host mom of Milena (Germany)