So Many American Experiences
Exchange student from Japan poses in Homecoming dress in front of Texas high school

Homecoming, pep rallies, and more for Misaki (Japan)

Hello! I’m Misaki. I’m staying in Texas. October was filled with a lot of events for me, so it was a very exciting month.

First, my school had homecoming! We don’t have similar events in Japan, so spirit week, the homecoming dance, the pep rally, and more were new to me. I really enjoyed them. I especially liked the community pep rally and homecoming dance. 

My school had a pep rally at Pearland Town Center, and it was crowded with students and families. A dance performance was DJ'd by a teacher. At the same time, we had a feeding frenzy, which is like a food festival. I enjoyed the food and my KPOP dance club sold cookies.

On Saturday, I went to the school dance! To be honest, a school dance was one of my dreams, so I was excited for the whole week. Dressing up with my host sister took more than two hours and is a good memory. 

To be honest, a school dance was one of my dreams, so I was excited for the whole week!

I enjoyed dancing and made some friends through my host sister. There were photo booths, so we used things like hats and glasses and took pictures. It was a great experience, and I can’t wait for the winter dance.

Next, I went to Galveston with other exchange students! Galveston is an old city in Texas located on the Gulf Coast. We took a ship and saw a lot of oil equipment. It was good weather, so I felt good. I even met dolphins!

We went to a historical museum and had lunch at a restaurant that was in the oldest pharmacy in Texas. I met friends from all over the world, and we talked about our cultures, what we were surprised about in the U.S., what we were struggling with, and more. I was really glad to talk with others who are having the same experience and feelings, even though we don’t speak the same language in our countries.

—Misaki (Japan), hosted by the Nuval family (TX)