Making Sierra Leone Proud
Exchange student from Sierra Leone and host sister at restaurant in Michigan

YES Student of the Month, November 2021

PAX - Program of Academic Exchange is pleased to nominate Elizabeth Sandy, a YES exchange student from Sierra Leone and Otsego, Michigan to be the November YES Student of the Month.

Elizabeth is embracing her exchange experience in all she does. She does her absolute best in every situation, whether it’s her schoolwork, trying something new, or playing an unfamiliar game with her host family. Elizabeth takes great pride in her schoolwork and works diligently to get to know everyone she encounters. Elizabeth’s host family has been impressed with her kindness and appreciation and considers her a great addition to their family, school, and community.

Elizabeth has immersed herself in her host family and American culture with great enthusiasm. Not only has Elizabeth participated in all her host family activities, but she has also taken the time to get to know many of her host family’s extended members.  Elizabeth’s host mother writes, “She fits into the family very well and has become a huge part of our hearts!” Her devotion to her host family has impacted them tremendously. All who know Elizabeth consider her a remarkable person and are thrilled to be sharing in her exchange experience.

Academically, Elizabeth is doing wonderfully even in the short amount of time she has been here. She ensures her studies are complete each night and that all her assignments are turned in and on time. Elizabeth is taking all the required classes and has joined the choir. Elizabeth has a wonderful voice and is stepping out of her comfort zone and singing with abandon! She recently joined the art club and has taken a great interest in drawing, something the art club has helped cultivate. Shortly after arriving and beginning school, she took time out of her day to meet with the principal of Otsego High School to thank him for accepting her to the high school. Elizabeth is truly thankful for this experience!

Elizabeth attends church each Sunday and through this has joined many volunteer events and has accumulated 16 hours of volunteer time already. Elizabeth is currently looking into volunteering at the local animal shelter as well. She is striving for 100 volunteer hours, and all who know her have no doubt that she will reach her goal. In her nomination letter, Elizabeth’s host mom writes, “With her positivity and ambition, I am certain she will accomplish all that she puts her mind to and will make a great impact on all!”

Elizabeth has been an exceptional exchange student and representative of Sierra Leone, the YES Program, and PAX. For this reason, PAX is delighted to nominate Elizabeth Sandy as the YES November Student of the Month!

—The PAX Sponsored Team