Making Music in Indiana
Polish exchange student plays the bass guitar with her host dad in Indiana

Just another jam session with my host dad

Joanna arrived from Poland on August 6. In less than a month, she has volunteered for two different community bands and plans to participate in the DeKalb County Orchestra in Auburn, Indiana. Joanna plays bass and in volunteering with the orchestra, she will increase her skills and gain volunteer hours. Host parents Nick and Lauren Nordmann have been able to set Joanna up with an amplifier and a bass from a local music store.  

Joanna has already made two trips to Sweetwater Sound in Fort Wayne, IN, the largest walk-in music store in the United States, maybe even the world. Joanna has enjoyed her first month and has made friends with other exchange students. Joanna looks forward to a year in the U.S. and learning about American life. Nick and Lauren are happy she is here and are looking forward to showing her what life in the Midwest is like. 

—Lauren Nordmann (IN), host mom of Joanna (FLEX, Poland)