Major Math in Oregon
Exchange student from Kyrgyzstan in the mountains of Oregon

Kyrgyz student FLEXing Olympiad muscles out west

Hello, I am a FLEX finalist, currently being hosted in Oregon. To visit and live in America was my childhood dream. Since my arrival, I have met a lot of interesting people and gone to interesting places. During the PAX student orientation, I made friends with students from many different countries. 

I study at a small high school. My double placement brother Elyes and I are the only exchange students. That’s why almost everyone at school knows us. The teachers at school are very good. They are always ready to help with any difficulties.

Most seniors and juniors study pre-calculus. I am good at math and took part in many school Olympiads in my home country. After a week, I transferred to calculus, where there were only three students in the class. The teacher said that he never thought he would have four students in the hardest math class.

—Chorobek (FLEX, Kyrgyzstan), hosted by the Kaczmarek family (OR)