Love Our World
Poster created by PAX exchange students to raise awareness about the importance of cultural exchange and understanding
Anastasiya has just one very simple, yet very important, message from her exchange experience.

A simple message from Ukrainian/Virginian

All the breathtaking emotions and fascinating days as well as tough situations and conflicts cannot be put into words to fully describe how I've changed in these past five months. I’ve learned so many important things and changed my priorities so greatly that it's hard to believe it's still me. There's one special concept that I've realized, and I want to share with you. Life is not only about you, your town, or your country. It's about us—humans. It never matters where you're from, what color your skin is, or what physical or mental abilities you have. We all are one family, and we are only strong when we are together. 

Thinking about this inspired me to create a project. I drew the words “Love Our World” and then talked to my friends from different parts of our planet about loving everyone, regardless of their home country. Each of them agreed with me and came up with some very interesting ideas. I asked them to write a sentence or a phrase representing their opinion on the poster, which they did. I found this gave me a chance both to teach teenagers and to educate myself by learning from their experience. 

—Anastasiya (FLEX, Ukraine) hosted by Shank family (VA)