Living a Guitar Dream

Arkansas evening serenade 

I am an exchange student from Japan, living in Arkansas. This video is me singing “Counting Stars” by OneRepublic.

I love American music and music in the west (as compared to Asia). Recently, I was able to achieve my dream of singing songs in English. There aren't many people in Japan singing the music of the Western world live on the street. Western music has lyrics that touch the heart and impress people. I was also moved by this music and decided I wanted to go to America. It's been a year since I started playing the guitar. It was a birthday gift from my mom, and I never thought I would love it so much.

When I return to Japan, I want to sing the songs I wrote and composed in front of my family and friends there too. I am grateful to my family and members of the Hippo Family Club (organization in Japan) for their support in studying abroad and practicing my guitar. I am filled with gratitude.

I was very worried about whether to study abroad or not. However, I wanted to think positively about things and live my life. My way of thinking has changed compared to when I was living in Japan. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens in the next six months!

–Riku (Japan), hosted by the Haddix family (AR)