Lithuanian Excelling in Vermont
Exchange student from Lithuania holds presentation about her country in American high school

FLEX Student of the Month, November 2021

Martyna is determined to make the most of her exchange experience by getting involved in many different areas of her host community and school life. She is a committed volunteer, has completed three cultural presentations at her school, has shared traditional Lithuanian meals with her host family, and is active in her school community with sports and clubs.

Martyna, along with her host family, has enjoyed traveling around Vermont and experiencing all the natural world has to offer through hiking and sightseeing. She has stayed busy visiting local community fairs to learn more about the community and culture around her. At home, Martyna has made multiple dishes from Lithuania for her host family, including a delicious dessert called Tinginys.

Martyna has completed 35 hours of volunteering in the two months she has been in the U.S. Martyna quickly got involved at her local high school volunteering at the concession stand for all varsity sporting events. Additionally, Martyna has volunteered her time with a local community organization, Helping Hands.

This organization was established to help decrease food insecurity in the local community brought on by the pandemic. Through this organization, Martyna helps prepare approximately 400 meals each week which are distributed to families in need. Not only does she earn her volunteering hours, but Martyna is learning about American cuisine and how adding spices and other ingredients can change a recipe.

Volunteering isn’t the only thing Martyna does when not devoted to her schoolwork. She has already completed three separate presentations on the culture of Lithuania in her school district. Martyna hopes to complete more before officially presenting during International Education Week. Additionally, Martyna is teaching her host sister Lithuanian, which has provided many laughs for the host family! It turns out learning a second language is more difficult than it looks!

Finally, Martyna is participating on the cross country running team at Springfield High School. She is also an active member of the yearbook club. Martyna recently submitted her photography to be judged for the cover of the yearbook! 

Martyna has been an exceptional exchange student and representative of Lithuania, the FLEX Program, and PAX. For this reason, PAX is delighted to nominate Martyna Kiaunyte as the FLEX November Student of the Month!

—The PAX Sponsored Team