Kosovar Catches Community Spirit
Exchange student from Kosovo volunteering in concessions in Indiana

Puhiza (center) volunteering in the concessions, again

It had been one month since I arrived in the USA, and I feel like the days are going too fast. I cannot find the words to describe my experience so far. 

My host family feels like my real family now, and I feel at home here. We went to watch an American football game; we went to an international market; we went to a fair; we do Friday pizza and movie night; and we play board games and have so much fun.

I had never touched a dog before in my life, and I was scared. But now I am super close and I can't wait to get home and hug our pets. I've become friendly with dogs in general as well.

I have a double placement, and I highly encourage everyone to accept a double placement! It makes your journey more fun, easier, and you already have a best friend for life. My double placement from Poland and I are very different people, and that makes our story even more fun. I can tell you that I've learned a lot about Poland and how things are different or similar in my country, Poland, and the USA. Isn't that amazing? What a world full of differences we have!

Isn't that amazing? What a world full of differences we have!

I have also done volunteer work and I can honestly say that this is my favorite part! I worked at the Tractor Show Festival, at the Hope Festival, and at a cat shelter. I've met the best people, the most welcoming community, with the biggest heart. I was amazed at how the community was there to help each other. Students, teachers, parents, and grandparents, all of them were volunteering. Doing volunteer work, you feel your heart filled with love and gratitude from other people!

I have also joined the Eastern Breeze flute ensemble in my town. I practice once a week at Art's Place and we are preparing for some concerts. It’s just so exciting! All of the flute ensemble members are so kind, welcoming, and willing to learn more about my country. 

I have experienced other things such as homecoming, the first day of school, school field trips, and visiting new places. That's just a short highlight of this extraordinary month of mine! 

—Puhiza (YES, Kosovo), hosted by the Trail family (IN)