"Just Like in the Movies" in Minnesota
Spanish exchange student with young Minnesota siblings and dogs in the snow

This Spaniard's up for it!

I joined hockey this winter season as my sport while I’m managing the girls’ basketball team. I try to ALWAYS get involved in everything.

We went up to the cabin to cut our big Christmas tree which we decorated afterward. We ate so much on Thanksgiving Day that my siblings and I slept all the way home even though it was just a block away.

The cheer team and I went to the football banquet to say goodbye to the fall sport that we all enjoyed so much. For Halloween at school, I dressed as my favorite teacher and went trick or treating with my siblings dressed as Maleficent. It was a cold day and also the first snow.

November 13 was the homecoming dance—my first and last ever! A little late but the waiting was worth it. I danced to every single song they played, and when it was done, we all went outside in our dresses to have a snowball fight. I got ready at a friend’s house and went with them to the dance where we even danced the slow songs all together. It was fun. I loved the dress, the people, and the music. I’m looking forward to PROM. Someone asked me to dance to a slow song just like in the movies and we danced to "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran.

I also went to my first concert in my entire life; it was a country singer Cody Jinks. I went with family, but I’m planning to go with friends to another one soon. It is so easy to get tickets in America! Anyway, who says that going with family to concerts is boring? I had the best time of my life. They are the best and I love them so much.

—Carolina (Spain), hosted by the Chalupsky family (MN)