Yuma Learns Football

...and what better time than homecoming?

I went to a football game with my friends for the first time. It was the homecoming football game, so everyone was very excited. Football club activities are not very active in Japan. That's why American football was so exciting. 

I have never supported a club activity at school in Japan. I learned that it is American culture to support club activities together. We all wore purple (which is the color of the school) to cheer, and we painted our faces. It was a lot of fun to support everyone together.

The cheerleaders were very cute, and the football game was very interesting. I didn't understand the rules of football. I started to understand the rules, little by little, by asking my friends and the people around me. Once I understood the rules, I was able to enjoy football more than before.

I also made a lot of new friends by going to the football game. I want to go watch a different sport, too.  And I want to make friends and enjoy watching a lot of sports. It's been two months since I came to America. It is fun and a lot of work. I want to do my best and succeed at studying in the United States.

—Yuma (Japan), hosted by the Mills family (MI)