Japanese Student Digs Disney
Japanese exchange student laughs on hammock in Florida

"I wasn’t as happy about my sunburn!"

I went to Florida on a trip. Michigan is still very cold, but Florida was very warm and surprising. I was very happy to be able to enter the pool daily. I wasn’t as happy about my sunburn! 

I went to Disney World. Disney is very exciting to us in Japan, because we have no such place. I'm glad I was able to do a lot of shopping. I also went around the Disney Hotel by train. I was very surprised that it was many times larger than a Japanese hotel. 

I'm glad I had an experience in Florida that I couldn't have in Japan. I have only a little time left to study abroad, and I want to try a lot of things. I want to do my best not to have any regrets.

—Yuma (Japan), hosted by the Mills family (MI)