Inspired By IEW Enthusiasm
FLEX program high school exchange student from Kazakhstan poses with elementary school students during International Education Week

Michigan school waited 18 years

Seeing how students are interested in your home country and noticing how their eyes light up after learning a new culture feels very momentous. In fact, at my school, the last exchange student was in 2005, so I feel very important and proud to be a part of and make a positive impact in this community.

It would be unfair not to mention that I have never received so many compliments as during International Education Week (IEW) week when I wore Kazakh national clothes. Everyone was excited and asked a lot of questions, which made me very happy.

At my school, the last exchange student was in 2005.

Honestly, this IEW was very fulfilling, as I became more motivated and inspired by the mutual care and enthusiasm shown by everyone involved. In general, I am happy to take advantage of every opportunity that is available to me and make sure to contribute as much as I can.

—Adiya (FLEX, Kazakhstan), hosted by the Mathis family (MI)