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High school exchange student from Indonesia displays her country's flag in the hallway of her U.S. high school during International Education Week

Top honors go to "Lily" (Indonesia)

Hi guys! My name is Labibah. I come from Indonesia, and I am now hosted by my wonderful host parents. I have a double placement sister who is like my best friend. Her name is Tikuna ,and she's from Georgia. The country, not the state—that's what she always tells people.

I am very excited to tell you about my International Education Week experience. On Sunday evening, I showed my host family my presentation and they loved it but also gave me some feedback so I could improve the next day. On Monday, I went to school wearing a batik shirt, a traditional piece of clothing from Indonesia.

I only had one presentation planned that day. But my friend Carla from Lebanon needed my help to take some pictures in her class. Since it was during my study hall, I came to her class and helped. The class loved her presentation so much that they also wanted to hear mine. I did my first presentation in that class even though I didn't plan it. They showed great enthusiasm and asked many interesting and funny questions.

The next day, I wore my school uniform. A lot of people complimented it and said that it looked cute. I gave one presentation that day and gave some Indonesian candies to all of the people in my class. I feel like I got much better at presenting on the second day, because I wasn't as nervous.

My favorite presentation was in theatre arts class. I showed them our traditional forms of theatre.

On the third day, I did four presentations: two at school, one at an elementary school with my Indonesian friend, and another one at the local church youth group. I had lots of fun that day, especially presenting in front of little children. More than 60 people watched us present at the elementary school.

On Thursday, I presented three times. My favorite presentation was in theatre arts class. I showed them our traditional forms of theatre. I also showed them how to wear a batik skirt. I gave them some souvenirs and Indonesian candies at the end of my presentation.

I had so much fun sharing my culture, and I am looking forward to presenting in some other classes after Thanksgiving break. I posted a video about IEW on TikTok and gained more than 20,000 views with over 3,000 likes!

—Labibah (YES, Indonesia), hosted by the Krieg family (IN)