Host Family Wisdom
Michigan host family with exchange student from Mexico

Veteran host families share tips for successful year

As our students began to arrive this fall, we asked some former host families to pass on a little advice to those hosting for the first time. Every exchange year is unique, but our families definitely agreed that there are ways to help things go smoothly!

Everyone agreed that communication is essential. As Tammy from Massachusetts put it, “Keep an open line of communication with all in the house. Identify house guidelines, chores, and expectations in the beginning. Provide kind reminders.”

The families also noted that getting to know your student—and their family—before arrival makes the transition much easier. It also paves the way for yet another suggestion—treat your student like family from the first day!

Christina, whose family has hosted seven PAX students, suggested a family camping trip at the beginning of the year. Their family took that opportunity to show their students the beauty of Michigan and bond as a family. She also noted the benefits of making sure that family night is sometimes spent doing something fun out of the house when possible. Her family has enjoyed seeing their part of the country through the eyes of teenagers from all over the world.

Host families are the heart of student exchange, and PAX could not be more grateful for current and former families all over the country. If you have hosted a PAX student and would like to pass on some words of wisdom, drop us an email at paxpress[at]!

–The PAX Press team