Homecoming Fun in South Dakota
Exchange student from Indonesia does face painting for young girls at South Dakota school

Indonesian happy to pitch in for the festivities

Yvonne from Indonesia arrived at her host high school the week of homecoming! It was an exciting first week for her to begin her days at school, and she joined right in.

On top of getting settled into all of her classes, Yvonne participated in our dress-up days and homecoming parade, and quickly volunteered to help with our family fun festival! She is pictured here helping with our face-painting fun. These young girls were excited to have their faces decorated by a senior student!

Yvonne has already been such a joy to us!

Yvonne also joined our clean-up crew and volunteered to help make sure our campus was all cleaned up after the homecoming festivities. Yvonne has already been such a joy to us! So many people have appreciated how friendly and outgoing Yvonne has been since day one.

She is eager to meet people, make new friends, share about her Indonesian culture, and enjoy new experiences during her time in South Dakota!

—Kimberly Shemon (SD), Community Coordinator of Yvonne (YES, Indonesia)