High Holidays
PAX exchange students from Italy and Germany hold a section of the Thora after Jewish service in Nevada
Eleonora (Italy) and Malte show just a small section of the Torah.

German exposed to Judaism

For me, religion has never been very important, so when my host family asked me if I wanted to go to temple with them and take part in a Jewish service, I said yes. It was a chance for me, someone who just goes to his own church at Christmas and Easter, to see how a different religion celebrates an important holiday. What made this experience extra special was that I was allowed to participate actively in the service.

Everyone in the congregation celebrated when they finished reading the Torah and unrolled it. It was about 50 meters long! It was fascinating to see this religious tradition. I'm glad I said “Yes!” to this opportunity.

—Malte (Germany), hosted by the Knox family (NV)