Goal-Oriented in Indiana
Exchange student poses in traditional national costume

FLEX Student of the Month (March 2022)

PAX is pleased to nominate Anesa, a FLEX exchange student from Serbia and Shelbyville, Indiana, to be the March's FLEX Student of the Month.

Since her arrival, Anesa has shown her commitment to embodying a finalist for the FLEX program. It is Anesa’s goal to represent both herself and the FLEX program in an outstanding manner. Anyone who has interacted with Anesa can attest that she has not only met but exceeded that goal. Anesa is determined, focused, and self-reliant in the best of ways.

Anesa has been a joy to host. Her host mother commented, “She is just one of us, plain and simple. Anesa just fits like a puzzle piece. No matter where this young woman goes, she will always be our daughter!” 

Anesa is a straight-"A" student with a full schedule that includes two college-level courses. This semester, she is challenging herself even further by joining GBTV, her school’s radio and television team. Anesa participates in Business Professionals of America (BPA), National Honor Society, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Not only is Anesa involved in these established activities at her school, but she also started a culture club for which she serves as president. The new club is focused on all cultures being represented at her host high school. 

Anesa is an active volunteer at school and in the community. Each morning before school, Anesa volunteers at the student bookstore. Additionally, she has volunteered at the school library and food pantry, a Sunday school class, a Refugee Camp Foundation, a Special Olympics bowling tournament, and more! 

She is well liked by all her teachers and was selected as Student of the Month her very first month at Shelbyville High School! Anesa spent her first semester as a student assistant. During that time, she gave tours of the school to new students and showed them the location of their classes. 

Anesa has earned several honors this school year including Student of the Month (August 2021), BPA-Diplomat Torch Award (December 2021), BPA Administrative Support Research Project (1st place, December 2021) and BPA Economic Research Individual (2nd place, December 2021) along with being invited to serve as Civic Education Week representative in April. 

Anesa is on track to complete 100 hours of volunteering during her exchange year, with 87 hours already completed! She is working diligently to achieve two other distinctive levels in BPA by the time she competes at State in her categories. Recently, Anesa was selected to be a page at the Indiana State House for Senator Leising.

Anesa thrives on setting goals and achieving them. She consistently strives to understand people’s perspectives and experiences. Something that stands out is that Anesa is willing and determined to make the absolute most out of her exchange year. If one of her ideas/goals doesn’t work out, Anesa devises a new game plan. It is amazing to watch her meet a goal and set up for the next one! 

Anesa has most certainly achieved her goal of representing the FLEX program well. It is a privilege to nominate Anesa as the FLEX Student of the Month for March.

—The PAX Sponsored Team