Gaining Confidence during IEW

Tajik talks new skills

Who would believe that just a month ago I was shy about doing presentations? Now, I look forward to opportunities to do my presentation. I can’t believe how FLEX/PAX/IEW has changed me in just three months.

These programs help me develop a lot of skills: making friends, communicating with different people from different backgrounds, and developing my public speaking. When l compare my first presentation with my eighth, it makes me laugh. Thanks to FLEX/PAX/IEW, I am more outgoing, confident, communicative, and l even do my national dance better than l did before IEW.

Doing presentations gave me such great pleasure and helped me to make a lot of friends of different ages. It is so wonderful to be a representative of Tajikistan. After doing presentations, I hear these two things: “Now l want to visit your country,” and “Now, l also want to host an exchange student.” These two sentences gave me motivation, and l am excited that l have another six months of experiences and adventures!

—Nafisa (FLEX, Tajikistan), hosted by the Shah family (OH)