From Ghana to Arizona
YES exchange student from Ghana forming a snow ball for the first time in her host state Arizona
A perfectly packed snowball in hand—Khardijah catches on very quickly!

What it's like to have Khardijah in the family

Khardijah is great to have as part of our family! Of course, coming from Ghana to Sedona, Arizona, is quite the culture change. However, her positive attitude, along with her sense of adventure and interest in our culture, has resulted in a mutually beneficial experience.

Just in the last month, Khardijah has gone hiking with the family and played in the snow for the first time in her life—she built a snowman, made snow angels and snow cones, and threw snowballs at her sisters!

Khardijah has already exceeded her volunteer hours. She has been tutoring elementary school kids in reading and also served at a local soup kitchen over the holidays. In addition, she spent a weekend at a Young Life camp as a volunteer. Her first semester report card just arrived and she received three A’s and two B’s.

However, with all that she has done, the best part seems to be the laughter that fills our house. We have three daughters, and when everyone is home together, Khardijah is just “one of the girls”—laughing, teasing, playing, and simply being herself and being part of our family.

—Scott and Darcy Holverson (AZ) host parents of Khardijah (YES, Ghana)