FLEX Student of the Month: October 2022
Exchange student from Georgia putting a pizza into an outdoor oven in Pennsylvania

Georgian's got all the right ingredients

It is an honor for PAX - Program of Academic Exchange to nominate Anna, a FLEX exchange student from Georgia and Meyersdale, Pennsylvania as the FLEX October Student of the Month!

Anna arrived in August with optimism and enthusiasm, ready to engage and make the most of her experience. She is keen on participating in family activities and began by attending the county fair. Anna found this to be a truly American experience and said, “I found out that here they deep-fry food I would have never imagined cooked that way, but it all turned out so good. We ate potato fries, deep-fried pop tarts, and deep-fried Oreos!”  

Anna is in a double placement and enjoys having an exchange sister, noting “Camila is my first ever older sister. Together we love to relax and watch series. I have taught her how to crochet. She is still learning but we already made a little pumpkin together. “

Anna reports her best memory so far was attending her first American football game. Anna is enjoying host family life as well. She and her host father have agreed that they are both competitive people. They have started keeping score of their victories. Anna beat him in a kayak race, but his team won at corn hole. A pickleball game is coming soon!

I hope to become a leader and take my leadership experience back to Georgia with me.

Anna is interested in conservation and recycling and has shared that interest with her host family. She and her host mother have saved their plastic cups from Taco Bell and will attempt to reuse them when buying their next re-fillable drink! Anna started volunteering with her school's second-hand clothing service "The Clothing Closet" to reduce the reliance on fast fashion. She notes, “I want this to be just a beginning” and plans to spend more time there as a volunteer.

Anna has a full schedule at school and is doing wonderfully. She decided to try something new and enrolled in a woodshop class, which she genuinely enjoys. She is very excited to build something herself and learn new skills. Her favorite classes are American history, anatomy, and physiology. She will attend a field trip with her anatomy class to observe heart surgery in November. She is very much looking forward to this unique experience!

Anna has worked diligently on homework and has joined the FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America). She intends to participate in the school musical and yearbook. When discussing school, Anna said, “My first day at school was very stressful but also very exciting. In such a small community everyone kind of knew about me and was so welcoming.”

When asked about her nomination she said, “I would be honored to be nominated as one of the first FLEX students of the month. This program has been extremely valuable. I have many goals set for myself. I can’t even imagine what this year will bring. I hope to become a leader and take my leadership experience back to Georgia with me.”

Anna has embraced being an exchange student and a representative of Georgia, the FLEX program, and PAX. For this reason, PAX is delighted to nominate Anna as the FLEX October Student of the Month!

—The PAX Sponsored Team