FLEX Student of the Month (Oct. 2019)
Ready to handle whatever the year serves up

PAX's nomination for FLEX Student of the Month

PAX is excited to nominate Juste, an exchange student from Lithuania, studying in Portland, IN, to be FLEX Student of the Month.

Juste has adapted to her new community seamlessly. Her host mom, Carol Gebert, says she joins activities in and outside of school with enthusiasm and makes a genuine effort to learn about her local community and the United States.

Juste lives with her host mother and father (James) with whom she has developed a strong bond. Both host parents already consider Juste a member of the family, and they say that Juste has inspired them to encourage others to become host parents.

Juste’s host mom is a theatre teacher, and she says that Juste has become very involved in that part of her life. Juste has even met many of the host mom’s students and often plays improvisational games with them.

Around the house, Juste has been helping her host parents with the chores and with cooking; she is helping to train the family’s new puppy, Rex, too.

Juste is doing exceptionally well in school. She has straight A’s in her courses and shows a sincere interest in her coursework and learning in general. She seems determined to learn German within the year. Her host mom says that she memorized all 57 of the vocabulary words the teacher has taught so far, even though she was only going to be quizzed on 10.

Juste has already signed up for several clubs and sports that she will participate in throughout her program year. Juste is very involved in her school’s drama club and has been offered a speaking role in the school play Almost, Maine. She will also be assisting backstage at the regional competition this fall. Recently, Juste has been awarded a scholarship from her drama club and local theatre troupe to attend the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Canada next month in addition to a trip to New York City in the spring.

Juste will also begin archery lessons this month and participate in tennis later in the year.

Impressively, Juste has already completed 42 hours of volunteer service since arriving in the United States less than a month ago. Her goal is to reach more than 200 hours by the end of her program.

Juste is a model exchange student and a wonderful representative of Lithuania, the FLEX program, and of PAX as an organization. It is with great enthusiasm that we nominate Juste for FLEX Student of the Month.

—The PAX Sponsored Team