First Snow
Brazilian PAX exchange student sledding down a hill in Indiana for the first time
Rafael from Brazil discovered that snow can have its advantages!

Brazilian wishes snow on Indiana family

I believe Rafael, who’s Brazilian, wished this snow upon us! This was his first experience with snow, and he wasn't too excited when I woke him up as soon as it started falling. But once it began to accumulate, he enjoyed the adventures of playing in it! Rafael and CJ (Germany) bundled up to go sledding. Then, my son and his family visited, which meant Rafael experienced his first snowball fight!

It didn't last too long—they were soon ready for some hot cocoa and cookies. The snow only lasted three days, and it hasn't returned since. That said, the Bailey family is hoping for a white Christmas!

—Tina Bailey (IN), host mom of Rafael (Brazil) and CJ (Germany)