First Period Forensics in WV
Exchange student from Indonesia poses in front of his West Virginia high school

Showing off his Indonesian school uniform

I wore my Indonesian high school uniform on my first day at my West Virginia host high school. When I arrived, I was very amazed by the school. It is so big and it is very different from my school in Indonesia, especially the cafeteria.

I went to school at around 10 a.m. when all the students were in class. On that day, I met my guidance counselor with my mom. I was very excited and also nervous.

There are so many subjects that I could choose!! I picked all the subjects that I do not have in Indonesia. I have weightlifting class, psychology class, and more. I braced myself to take advanced placement classes (aka AP classes). I ended up taking two AP classes and one honors class, and I am taking three science classes!

There are so many subjects that I could choose!!

After going to the guidance counselor, I went straight to my first class!! It was Forensic Science, and I knew right away that this subject is different. It is very interesting.

I felt like I became a detective, because I started school late, just had Forensic Science as my first class, and after class, I felt like a missing person. I didn’t know where to go! But I found the way. My mom and siblings picked me up after school. My first day was wrapped up.

I love West Virginia so much. The weather is cold, but the scenery is amazing, and the people are very nice.

—Rionaldi (YES, Indonesia), hosted by the Boyd family (WV)