Finding Truth through Art

Bob Ross wig = commitment

Art is another form of living, because only through art does man find the truth inside his soul and inner peace. My talent is about creating and making art where there was nothing before. Through art and creation, I make my contribution to the world, even if it’s a small one, while speaking with the help of a brush or a pencil the truth that is hidden behind masks.

Since I arrived here in America, art has been a refuge. Art was and is the place where I can forget about the problems that have arisen in my path. Because wherever I am on this earth, art is the same. Art is still about being happy while creating something. And I found here, though totally different from in my home country, people who think and feel and create like me; people who are art at their essence. This made me remember that I am not alone and I am still myself, even if everything around me is different.

I have been in America for two months, and it is getting easier for me. The freedom I have to create art in the classroom is different, but it is a good kind of different. And different is the word that describes my experience the best. I am grateful that I am here and have this chance of a lifetime.

I find and reinvent myself every day—with each new artwork that I create, I am becoming the best version of me.

—Roberta (FLEX, Romania), hosted by the Cady family (IN)