Finding a New Talent as an Exchange Student

Artistic eye

Many people have tried various activities, hobbies, and sports, and I am not an exception. I’ve been dancing Kazakh national dances, hip-hop, and other styles for ten years. I also really love embroidering, studying, acting, playing volleyball, filming, and cooking unusual dishes. Each of them could be a perfect example of my talent for this contest, but I chose a different one—drawing.

“Why,” you ask? Drawing is my favorite new hobby, one that I discovered here in the U.S. As an exchange student, I left my comfort zone and came here to try everything and have the best experience I can. I take drawing class at school and had been practicing every day. I still cannot believe that I made these by myself, and I’m really proud of my hard work.

I enjoy drawing, because it is a creative way to express myself, my feelings, emotions, and thoughts without using language. When you dance, you are limited by your body, but when you draw you can do anything from drawing people that you love to drawing a totally different universe. It’s magnificent, isn’t it?

Most people describe talent as an activity that they are really good at. I think it is more about your passion and interest. I fell in love with this hobby, and despite the fact that I’ve only been drawing for three months, I am obviously getting better at it by practicing. I will keep doing that to achieve other goals. As Kimon Nicolaides says, “Learning to draw is really a matter of learning to see—to see correctly—and that means a good deal more than merely looking with the eye.”

I am happy to have found a new artistic part of my personality and unbelievably thankful to be doing it right here and right now.

—Diana (FLEX, Kazakhstan), hosted by the Keith-Reed family (VT)