Family Visit to the Grand Canyon
Young woman from India with American host family at Grand Canyon in Arizona
Vashita and her host family made the most of their trip to the Grand Canyon

First national park visit

I am Vashita, an exchange student from India hosted in Sedona, Arizona. This week was fall break at my high school, and my host family planned a trip so I could have my first experience at an American national park.

We visited Grand Canyon National Park. It was a wonderful experience. It was always my dream to visit, and I was amazed by it. We spent two days at the Grand Canyon, and they were probably the best days of my life. The beauty of the Grand Canyon amazed me. It was so pretty. But the best part of the trip was having my family smiling and laughing and having fun with me.

I also learned about Native American culture during my trip. How different tribes like the Navajo, Hopi, and Yavapai used to live in the area and their agricultural patterns. They planted three crops—corn, beans, and squash—together and they were called the three sisters crops.

The trip was a wonderful three days and I enjoyed it a lot. I would like to thank to my host family for such a wonderful experience.

—Vashita (YES, India), hosted by the Worssam family (AZ)