FaceTime with "Foreigners"

Virtual exchange

Hi, everyone—my name is Nazli. I am a foreign exchange form Turkmenistan, and this is my project for “virtual exchange.” When I started to think about my project, I wanted to FaceTime my classmates from my country during the school day, but it was a hard thing to do, because the time difference is 11 hours. Then I thought, why don’t we FaceTime individuals from different countries (not necessarily during their school day), ask questions, compare, and learn more. That’s exactly what I did!

We FaceTimed several people from Turkmenistan, Turkey, and Russia. We discussed lots of things, starting with the different lifestyles people from different countries have and ending with questions about how many things we have in common.

After that, I had some questions from other classmates back home. They were interested in knowing more about the United States. So I interviewed some American friends. They helped me answer all of the questions, so I could show my friends back home later.

—Nazli (FLEX, Turkmenistan), hosted by the Wagner family (WI)