Exchange Student and Future Business Leader
German exchange student in Illinois receives award for Future Business Leaders of America

German places at states

My name is Anna and I am currently an exchange student in Illinois. I am a member of my school's FBLA (Future Business Leader of America) Club. Back in January, I competed in the Illinois Southern Area Conference event "International Business" by taking a test and giving a presentation on an international business-related topic.

I got first place in the southern area and was able to compete at the State Conference in Springfield with my school's club! I saw a little bit of Springfield while we were there.

Because my test scores were high I gave a presentation to the judges on a scenario I had to solve with only 20 minutes of preparation. Presenting in my second language made me extremely nervous.

Everything went better than expected and later when they announced the results of the events I was called to the stage. It was in a room full of over 1,000 students from all over Illinois which again made me really nervous.

When my event was announced, I placed 3rd which I NEVER expected and still doesn’t feel real. Because I placed high enough in my event I also got an invitation to go to the national FBLA conference.

One of the evenings at the conference, a talent show was held and my school performed a dance. We won the talent show, and it was a lot of fun.

It was a successful weekend for me, and I learned a lot in the workshops I attended. I am proud of myself and am very thankful that I had the chance to experience all of this!

—Anna (Germany), hosted by the Murdock family (IL)