Exchange Memories
Group of exchange students pose with their local coordinator during an enhancement activity

Kenyan remembers like it was yesterday

I always thank God for my host family; they were truly a blessing to my life. My exchange journey was one of a kind; it was a bittersweet journey.

I had an accident on my departure date and arrived at a later date. That didn't discourage me from enjoying my exchange experience. I received a lot of love and care from the day I arrived. My host parents did everything to make sure I was okay and comfortable. My host mum told me stories about iconic American leaders and their achievements, and celebrations.

I got the opportunity to celebrate Easter in America and what really stood out for me were the Easter Bunny and Easter egg hunt. These experiences were really a lot of fun and amazing since it was my first time experiencing them.

Other memorable ways my host family helped me learn about American culture included experiencing celebrations like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas in the USA.

My Community Coordinator was Tony, and we would often do activities with nearby coordinator Barb and her cluster of PAX students too. So, it was like I had two coordinators, and these two were amazing! They always organized fun activities for us and made sure we learned about the American culture from them.

A trip that is close to my heart was a visit to Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It was a dream turned to reality. I had fun with exchange students from other countries.

I thank all of them for their time, dedication, and loving hearts in making sure I had the best exchange experience of my life. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me!!!

—Elisabeth (YES 2014/15, Kenya), hosted by the Klein family (WA)