Dreams Take Shape
Spanish PAX exchange students enjoying their first time in Central Park during arrival orientations in NYC
Charmed: newly-arrived Spanish students (gray t-shirts) near Bethesda Fountain in NYC’s Central Park late last week

PAX welcomes the first 2016/17 arrival orientation group to the U.S.

The excitement was palpable—both among the first cohort of 2016/17 students as well as PAX staff. Hosted at Adelphi University on Long Island for roughly the last 20 years, the first orientation reminds us why we do what we do. Some things have changed; some remain the same. Selfie sticks and duck facing: new. Love at first glimpse of the Manhattan skyline: same. Students staring at smartphones during breaks: new.

Once they get off those planes, even the least excitable among us is no match for the nervous smiles and excited chatter. In the end, every group is a bit different. Last week’s group of about 120 from China, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Spain, and Thailand were many things: eager, anxious, engaged (though slightly jet-lagged), respectful, rambunctious… We could go on. Instead, we’d like to let them introduce themselves!

We can hardly wait to get to know the other 900 students and share all the firsts and feats of the class of 2016/17 each month!