DragonCon Weekend in Georgia
From left to right: host mom Rebecca, Franziska, host dad Derrick, and host sister Moira

Atlanta: where the dragons roam

I was really excited when my host mom told me that we were going to DragonCon. I just love nerdy stuff and used to go to smaller comic and anime conventions in Germany. But American conventions are on another level. They’re so much bigger and kind of different, but in a good way. I already knew that but when the time finally came and I found myself in downtown Atlanta with the whole crowd— including my host family and me—it was even more different than I thought it would be.

It was an amazing weekend, but it was also exhausting. We walked the whole time from panel to panel and from one attraction to another. I was tired after the weekend, but it was worth it. I got to see all these amazing cosplayers and ended up being in the parade on Saturday. Also, I met my favorite voice actor and even got to see a panel with him on Monday. I was so happy! 

When we came home on the last day of DragonCon, I had sore feet and was tired but really happy.

It was so cool and a great experience—I‘m so happy that my host family gave me the chance to attend DragonCon. I didn’t expect something like that, and it was so nice of them! We all had fun.

—Franziska (Germany), hosted by the Stidam-Dean family (GA)