Dear America
Exchange student from Serbia with Indiana host sister wearing matching Indianapolis Colts jerseys

A very special "thank you"

Last year, my journey as a foreign exchange student officially started. For a full academic year, I had the honor to represent my country and culture and the privilege to learn more about American culture, government, and civil society.

I am very appreciative of every experience I have encountered. The FLEX Program has had a special spot in my heart for four consecutive years, and it’s everlasting. Living as an exchange student thousands of miles away from home in high school is a very special experience I will remember forever.

To my host family, teachers, and friends, thank you so much for being such an integral part of my exchange experience. It has been the utmost pleasure meeting such a remarkable set of people, and thank you for sharing your American culture. Thank you for everything; it is because of you the United States is my second home.

To members of American Councils in Serbia, the FLEX Program, and my coordinators at PAX, it has been the greatest honor cooperating with you over the past years. Thank you for trusting me to represent my country, culture, and program, and allowing me to grow into the person I am today.

Words can’t express how much I appreciate my parents’ support and encouragement. Thank you for always believing in me and standing beside me the entire time even with the thousands of miles between us and time zone differences. Your guidance and love means the world. Having parents like you is the biggest blessing of all blessings!

America, thank you for being a second home! You will be missed.

—Anesa (FLEX, Serbia), hosted by the Bohman family (IN)