Continuing to Lend a Hand!
Former YES exchange student from Indonesia teaches a group of young volunteers English
Bayu teaches an eager group of volunteers how to introduce themselves in English.

Bayu as impressive an alum as PAX student

Leaving my second home in Neenah, WI, was not pleasant since I am no longer able to contribute to my community back there. However, leaving Wisconsin doesn’t stop me from helping those in need.

When I got back home, Indonesian YES alumni decided to hold an event called YES MENDUKUNG. After two months of preparation, the event was successfully held in my city, Surabaya, on October 17. The events were English learning, sharing with alumni, and environment education. The participants were 60 seventh graders, and we had so much fun. We played games and they learned how to introduce themselves, give directions, and identify body parts in English.

I would like to thank the American people, especially my family, the Oestreichs. My exchange year taught me about making a change, and I am hoping this event will make a change in my home community.

—Bayu (YES, Indonesia), hosted in 2014/15 by the Oestreich family (WI)