Connecting People

Hope of the future

My virtual exchange aimed to bridge the gap between Americans and Filipinos about the education system and culture. It promoted understanding, awareness, and creating relationships despite distance and time differences. As a big social media user, I wanted to make an impact using the internet in the best way possible. As an exchange student I believe conversing with people who grew up in different environments gives us the opportunity to see another part of the world through their stories and perspectives.

I gathered five students from my school in the Philippines and five students from my school here in America to have a conversation based on videos I asked them all to watch. I encouraged them to ask each other for clarification or more information. I also asked them to tell each other a little bit about what happens in the day of an American high school student and a Filipino high school student. We used the social media platforms Instagram and YouTube to communicate and as a tool for the project. At the end, I asked them to answer reflection questions about the experience.

It was a short program, but the impact was significant because the youth are the hope of the future.

—Amir (YES, Philippines), hosted by the McGinnis family (OH)