What to Expect When Camping
Exchange student from Indonesia with scenic view of waterfall

"I feared I would freeze to death (not really, of course, hehe)"

We took a camping trip! I was still getting used to the different temperatures and weather. As it was my first time, I naturally had many expectations and some worries.

I imagined a camping trip would be sitting around the campfire, huddling for warmth, and laughing while exchanging stories and tales. Basically, I imagined a lot of fun. On the other hand, I feared that I wouldn't get any sleep and that I would freeze to death (not really, of course, hehe), because the temperature was supposed to be really cold that weekend. 

I was proven right and wrong. The camping trip was as amazing as I imagined. I even got to try some s'mores! And I didn't freeze to death! I actually slept really well, because the camper was quite warm and cozy.

We also did a lot of fun activities like playing games, hiking to see the waterfalls, and cooking dinner. The waterfalls were beautiful; they soothed my eyes and soul. I also felt like I was getting more comfortable with my host family, especially my host nieces. They were really fun and welcoming. 

In conclusion, it was an awesome experience and I had so much fun trying and seeing new things!

—Vidya (YES, Indonesia), hosted by the Launhardt family (NY)