Building Community
A group of PAX exchange students and their Vermont community coordinator after a day of volunteering
(Front row) Mariano (Mexico) and Oche (Nigeria); (Back row) Eduard (Russia), Safirah (Indonesia), Naina (Pakistan), Alicia (Spain), and community coordinator Ann Newsmith after a tiring but fun day.

Teaming up with United Way in Vermont

After almost two months away from my country, comfort zones, and everything that I'm used to, I've learned a lot of things. Here is one of my favorite moments so far. On September 6, a group of PAX students worked with the United Way help a homeowner make a rock fence. We had to pick up and move small and huge rocks from next to the house to the place where the fence would be built. We were having so much fun because we worked together, chatting, laughing, and joking around while we were picking up the rocks. Yes, we were tired, but it was worth it. Community service hours: check! Enjoying time with new folks: check! Having a great time in United States? Absolutely!

—Safirah (YES, Indonesia), hosted by the Chaudhri family (VT)