Bonding Time With My Host Mom
YES international student from Kosovo with her host mom and Dr. Seuss at a Mother and Daughter camp in Wisconsin
Riola, Joy, and Dr. Seuss at a very memorable Mother and Daughter camp in Wisconsin

Kosovar heads to mother-daughter camp

On the weekend of September 23-24, my host mom and I went to a mother and daughter camp. It might seem quite normal for a regular mother/daughter situation, but for me and my mom Joy, things were different. I was there with her, my host mom, and she was there with me, a host daughter.

It was such a good time, because we got to do so many fun things together, and we got to know each other even more. The theme for the weekend was Dr. Seuss, so we did a lot of crazy stuff. My mom did my hair; we exchanged socks with other families; we built gingerbread houses; and we did handmade crafts. We also went boating on the lake, which was a part of the camp.

It was such a nice experience to spend time with my mom but also with all the new people I met there. It was a pleasure to see their expressions when I explained my country to them and to feel the welcoming atmosphere.

—Riola (YES, Kosovo), hosted by the Berry family (WI)