Birthday Parties, Halloween, and Homecoming
Japanese exchange student and host sisters pose in their Halloween costumes (Texas)

Busy Texas October for Nonoka

In October, I had a lot of events such as Halloween, my sister's birthday, and the homecoming dance. Everything was so fun!

On Halloween, I went trick-or-treating. I was wearing a shark costume at the time and had also worn it to school. Everyone looked at me and said, "Baby shark!!" That was funny to me. In Japan, we do not celebrate Halloween so grandly, so American Halloween was very interesting.

My host sister’s birthday is the day before Halloween. It was a busy day. We decorated our house, cooked some dishes, and had a birthday party. I gave a birthday present to my sister. I was glad to celebrate with her. I cannot wait for my birthday party. I think it will be a good day.

I did not go to the homecoming football game. That was sad, but the homecoming dance was so fun! I went with my friends. I was a little nervous, but I think we all had fun. I dressed up for the dance. Everyone said things like, "You’re so pretty!" to me. I was glad.

We do not have homecoming in Japan. I think that this tradition should be started in Japan, so we can make new friends and improve our relationship with others.

—Nonoka (Japan), hosted by the Williams family (TX)