Big Moments in Little School
Exchange student from Germany with American football teammate in Minnesota

Alessio (left) jumps at chance to play football in Minnesota

My name is Alessio. I'm 17 years old and I’m a PAX student from Germany. The first school quarter is already over, but it feels like I arrived yesterday. I'm living in the southwest of Minnesota.

There are so many things I have experienced it’s hard to list them all. I had the unique opportunity to play American football. Bryce, one of my host brothers, was playing on the high school team, so I couldn't let this chance slip away!

Two days after my arrival, I was introduced to the team. Players and coaches welcomed me warmly, and I became a part of the team quickly. On the team, I made a bunch of extremely good friends! With daily practice, my schedule was busy right from the beginning.

Besides football, I went fishing with my host father a few times and we all went to the Minnesota State Fair in Minneapolis. My high school is pretty small with just around 25 people in each grade, but I enjoy it very much here.

My classmates and teachers are very nice. In the first weeks, there were lots of people that helped me through the days when I couldn’t find the classrooms or struggled with my locker.

I'm so happy to be in this school, and I’m proud to be a Charger! I'm excited to see what the next months may bring, and I’m looking forward to every upcoming challenge! 

—Alessio (Germany), hosted by the Froemming family (MN)