Texarkana Lucky to Have Liberian
High school exchange student from Liberia poses with two young boys in Arkansas

Host mom talks 2 months w/ Joelyn

Joelyn came to Arkansas eager to meet her host family and experience our culture. She has bonded with a large new family, tried many new foods, and volunteered twice in her first month. She attended two birthday parties for three new family members. One was a double/same-day brother party. She attended church with new nieces on multiple occasions.

Joelyn attended/volunteered at a Greater Texarkana Autism Organization meeting, where she helped plan upcoming fundraisers and was a guest speaker. She also volunteered at a Cast for Kids event where she helped with many tasks.

Her positive and polite attitude has made her a favorite of many of her host relatives and friends.

She sings and smiles every day.

Joelyn has been eager to learn the customs of the U.S. and share her customs with her host family and friends.

Second to none is Joelyn’s eagerness to excel academically. She enrolled in seven advanced classes. She enrolled in two computer classes so she could take the knowledge back home to her sister and friends. Joelyn dreams of getting a grant to attend school to become a neurosurgeon and share knowledge with her community.

Joelyn has tried many foods including steaks, pastas, Chinese foods, Mexican foods, and about seven different restaurants that serve fish. She sings and smiles every day. She looks for ways to help her host family and loves being helpful. 

Joelyn has represented PAX very well.

—Rebecca Bayless (AR), host mom of Joelyn (YES, Liberia)