Are There Bandages in Azerbaijan?
FLEX exchange student from Azerbaijan with her American classmates holding the Azerbaijani flag at their Ohio school
Sevinj is all smiles with her classmates after a presentations.

FLEX student enlightens Ohioans

Since I was kid, one of my biggest dreams has been to represent my country abroad. Finally, I got this chance and represented my home country 6,100 miles away from my family and my home. Words can't describe how happy and proud I am. I was so excited for these presentations.

I made two presentations—one in financial literacy class and one in foundations class. I also made a little presentation at our first PAX meeting. It was an honor to me. Though I was a little bit nervous, my teachers were very supportive. I presented general information about Azerbaijan and showed a few videos.

My favorite part was answering questions. The night before, I was cooking national food for my host family and teachers and cut my finger. I had a bandage on my finger during the presentation but I just couldn't put it on right and a student asked if we use bandages in my country!

And when I told them that my country is smaller than Ohio they were impressed by how far I had traveled. I am happy that I could introduce my country to a community that never heard of Azerbaijan, and I feel so proud. Thank you for your support and giving us this opportunity. This is something that no one else could give us, and we couldn't find this experience in books—no matter how many universities we attended. Thank you!

—Sevinj (FLEX, Azerbaijan), hosted by the Leo family (OH)