An Uplifting Spirit Week
Future Leaders Exchange Program student from Russia and her American classmates shout as loudly as they can in the bleachers
Mariya (bottom row, far left) shouts as loudly as her classmates during Spirit Week.

Russian learns about the unique atmosphere in American high schools

Wearing pajamas to school? The New Year in September? And what about the time machine—are you sure that it’s impossible? Spirit Week is a thing that everybody should experience during their school years. But even if you’re an adult, you can absorb that magical atmosphere of childhood. We had a parade of the seasons, built a bonfire, and played games which rallied and united us. The best game ever was to see which class could yell the loudest—so fun! What a pity that Spirit Week is just once a year.

—Mariya (FLEX, Russia), hosted by the Gallant family (ME)