An Original by Roos

Big dreams for Belgian musician

My talent is singing and songwriting. I started singing in eighth grade. At first, I wasn’t good at it at all, but I did it all the time. I started memorizing the lyrics of my favorite songs and even started learning how to play the ukulele.

Even though I wasn't that good at it at first, people encouraged me and told me they liked my singing. That really gave me a lot of confidence and it encouraged me to go further with it. Singing became something I really loved doing and I would do it all the time, everywhere I went.

After three years of singing, I feel like I learned a lot of new things and got a lot better at it, too. My big dream is to eventually participate on The Voice. I still have a really long way to go and I’d need to get a lot better, but my motto is, “Dare to dream, and then decide to do,” so I’m definitely dreaming big already, now I just have to work for it and then one day decide to do it.

Singing is my passion, and making music in general, too. I started by learning how to play the flute. Later, I learned how to play the piano, and I taught myself how to play the guitar.

Last year, I also started doing my own songwriting. The song that I’m playing in the video is one I wrote myself. I started by making up a melody in my head, then I figured out a chord progression to play on my ukulele, and soon after I came up with the lyrics. I’m happy with how it turned out and I hope to be writing more songs in the future.

—Roos (Belgium), hosted by the Pierce family (WA)



In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.
Cause it’s true, I don’t wanna forget
The moments you and I have had.
When I’m with you I just don’t know how to act
Or to tell you how I feel.
But now in the end I only regret the words I was too afraid to share.
I just want you to know that even when I leave next year,
Even when I won’t be here, I will always care.
I just want you to know that even though I won’t be here,
Even though I leave for a year, I still care.
Cause I care about you and I hope you do too
And I ain’t scared to let you know.
Cause I care about you and I hope you do too
So I’m letting you know before I go.