An Honor to Present My Culture
Teenage girl from Indonesia presenting for International Education Week in USA

Givani gets Washington classmates dancin'

Albert Einstein once said, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” This is true, and I’m so thankful right now for this amazing experience as an exchange student in the United States. Celebrating International Education Week was truly an honor.

I did presentations about Indonesia in four different classes while wearing traditional clothes from Rote Island and Kain Tenun from Sumba Island. I talked about my main language, Bahasa Indonesia, and did one of the traditional dances that we have from Rote Island, East Nusa Tenggara. I brought in Indonesia’s flag and our currency as well. My PowerPoint was about Indonesia’s facts, our culture, the tourism destinations that we have, and even about my school.

It was such a pleasure to share Indonesia with my schoolmates. I found out how proud I am to be an Indonesian citizen as my presentations reminded me how beautiful my country is. The atmosphere made me feel comfortable speaking in front of my classmates. They were amazing audiences; they were paying attention, asking questions, and giving compliments that I really appreciated.

I’m glad that they learned something new, and it taught me lots of amazing things. I realized that we all are living side by side with diversity. I am respectful and open-minded of each culture without exception.

International Education Week was an unforgettable experience. My teacher said that it might be challenging to speak in front of people that are using another main language, but I am thankful to have participated.

—Givani (YES, Indonesia), hosted by the Pearson family (WA)